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Pulling Double Duty


When we first engaged with Mayhew, we counseled the company that if it wanted to gain traction in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) automotive aftermarket, it needed to leverage its legacy with professional mechanics and OEMs, using messaging that has meaning for the DIY audience. The subsequent strategy and supporting brand components we developed allowed Mayhew to speak directly to its three distinct audiences (OEMs, professionals, and DIY enthusiasts), without diffusing its brand promise. This included a corporate brand refresh and creation of two distinct lines to better match the right tool to the right consumer (MayhewPro for professionals and MayhewSelect DYI consumers).


Now, with the first print ads in publication and new packaging lining the shelves, it was time for LSHD to tackle a new Mayhew challenge—a comprehensive catalog that allowed users to easily navigate and review both product lines, while still clearly establishing which tools are for which end user, and why. The piece also gave Mayhew an additional avenue for announcing the launch of its new brand, as well as an opportunity to strengthen existing relationships as it worked to build new ones. The finished catalog uses an intuitive system of colored tabs in the brand black and red to identify the MayhewPro and MayhewSelect lines and tools therein. Tool benefits are clearly highlighted next to pictures of the corresponding product, with any specific details, including weight, length, and quantity, listed in easy-to-review charts below. And copy throughout the catalog—including an overview of the re-brand initiative on the inside cover—helps set up Mayhew’s legacy within the market and its understanding of each audience’s unique needs.


To learn more about the Mayhew catalog, or other successful initiatives LSHD has developed for clients, please contact us.