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Noteworthy News Article | Employing “Circular” Reasoning Employing “Circular” Reasoning


Employing “Circular” Reasoning


Jarvis Surgical, a proven leader in medical implant manufacturing, wanted to ensure the market understands just how exacting its precision fabrication services are. The company needed a visually dynamic ad that clearly speaks to its capabilities, supported by messaging that position it head and shoulders about the competition.


Focusing on one of the most difficult manufacturing challenges, LSHD drew the comparison between Jarvis Surgical and two other figures that were also historically proven understand spheres best. The payoff copy defines the role each expert plays in the story (“One thought it. One proved it. One perfected it.”), and is supported by a close-up of an actual component that visually suggest the curvature of the earth.


To learn more about the awareness ad for Jarvis Surgical, or other successful campaigns LSHD has developed for our clients, please contact us.