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All About Building Business

Part of the Mestek family of companies, Koldwave is a leader in temporary climate control solutions for commercial applications. Vying for attention in an increasingly competitive market, the company asked LSHD for marketing recommendations that would make an impact on commercial equipment rental companies and increase sales.


LSHD focused on the company’s industry expertise as an originator in portable spot cooling solutions, positioning the added value a Koldwave business relationship brings—insights that can grow your (Koldwave customers’) business. “A Permanent Part Of Your Temporary Solutions” conveys Koldwave’s brand promise to provide products, service, and support customers can count on for the long term. This message is the focus of Koldwave’s refreshed marketing materials, and is supported by complementing language that draws parallels between the company and its customers in terms of reliability, dependability, and strength. The revised materials—including website, overview brochure, and trade show properties—also feature imagery that depicts the various applications Koldwave’s products are suited for, as well as key features and unit specifications to help customers make informed choices.


To learn more about the materials developed for Koldwave, or other successful campaigns LSHD has developed for our clients, please contact us