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Noteworthy News Article | Promises Made, Promises Kept Promises Made, Promises Kept


Promises Made, Promises Kept

2012 was a transformational year for Osiris Therapeutics. After 20 years of determination and focus, the company had successfully delivered the world’s first stem cell drug, Prochymal®, to market. As it moved to commercialization of its stem cell drugs, Osiris’s vision for wholly new cell therapy opportunities grew to include the development of cost effective, point of care cell-based biosurgery products, for wounds, ulcers, burns and even cartilage repair. We recognized an important opportunity to work with the company CEO, C. Randall Mills, PhD, to capitalize on this moment with their annual report. Our insight, and strategy set the annual’s direction and tone; that Osiris’s 20-year history of groundbreaking research and successful delivery of the world’s first approved stem cell therapy didn’t mark the end. It simply marked the beginning of better – for everyone.


The key to LSHD’s strategy lay in the facts: Based on the more than 98,000 pages of published research the company had completed, Osiris proved these cost-effective, immune neutral products will successfully address some of today’s most challenging indications. The concept of, “The Beginning of Better—For Everyone,” uniquely positions Osiris’s biologic products in a manner current products can’t claim: they can be used on any patient, without matching; are easily integrated into doctors’ and surgeons’ current approaches; and will help reduce the amount of money spent annually to otherwise treat these difficult, costly afflictions. The messaging was woven throughout the annual report’s copy and supported by specific treatment facts and figures. In addition, LSHD leveraged the concept of texting and modern communication practices to position the company and its products as realities (not possibilities) of present-day technology. 


To learn more about the Osiris annual report, or other successful campaigns LSHD has developed for our clients, please contact us