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Noteworthy News Article | Making the Complex, Easy Making the Complex, Easy


Making the Complex, Easy

Prior to the merger, Mid-State Machine and Berkshire Industries were recognized for solid solutions to complex manufacturing challenges. However, the union of these two businesses allowed for more robust and complete services. The company, now called Midstate Berkshire, turned to LSHD for assistance in developing a unified brand and differentiated message that would convey this story of advanced manufacturing, quickly, to decision makers in the aerospace, defense, oil & gas, and powergen manufacturing industries.


The key to Midstate Berkshire’s success is its ability to leverage its staff, technologies, and lean principles to develop the fastest, most cost-effective manufacturing processes for some of the most challenging component assemblies—a desired attribute common to all four target markets. LSHD worked collaboratively with Midstate Berkshire to develop the tag line, “Complex Components. Precise Solutions.” to succinctly convey this idea. The message extends through the company’s marketing materials, trade show properties, and website, where confident language tempered with industry vernacular establishes Midstate Berkshire as a knowledgeable partner. The visuals, including location photography of finished components and work areas, complete the story and prove the company knows how to put this knowledge into practice.


To learn more about the Midstate Berkshire initiative, or other successful campaigns LSHD has developed for our clients, please contact us.