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Noteworthy News Article | Creating a Masterpiece, at the Speed of Light Creating a Masterpiece, at the Speed of Light


Creating a Masterpiece, at the Speed of Light

NuFern, a global leader in fiber, power amplification, and laser technologies, wanted to build on the recent momentum created by its fiber laser advertising program, where clear, concise messaging positioned NuQ as the industry’s choice in marking when beam quality matters.


Collaborating with NuFern’s marketing team, LSHD conveyed a big idea: NuQ marking laser technology is high art at a microscopic scale. The ad featured a close up of an unique disk, where precision laser marks created intricate patterns and even variations in color. The visual quickly conveys the level of control and exactness NuQ delivers. The copy completes the thought, where manufacturers can make their marks—literally and figuratively—by employing a fiber laser they can count on for precision, over and over again. The publication running the ad even stated that the finished piece, “…should be on display in a museum of art.”


To learn more about the NuQ print ad for NuFern, or other successful campaigns LSHD has developed for our clients, please contact us