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Clearly Satisfied

Several months ago, UTRC approached LSHD with a specific goal—develop a messaging strategy that would attract top-tier researching talent to its halls. This messaging would be launched for public consumption through the redesigning of the company’s website. Based on recent, anecdotal evidence it would seem the newly developed “Be Curious” positioning is doing just that.


According to a researcher/recruiter at UTRC’s Cork, Ireland facility, “Recent candidates … interviewed have a very good awareness of what UTRC does, and are excited to talk to us as a result of browsing the site.” It was added that many applicants have applied after simply visiting the website before any personal interaction has occurred.

This response from prospects, as explained by LSHD’s Creative Director, Robert Demetrius, is due in large part to the approach LSHD took developing the strategy.  


Based on qualitative research conducted with a panel of independent, practicing researchers, LSHD found that working on, “cool new technology with real-world impact,” is a key factor when choosing an employer. This insight, according to Demetrius, gave rise to the messaging strategy and “Be Curious” tag line. “Key to any real strategic messaging,” said Demetrius, “is saying something real and of value; taking ownership of who you are. UTRC is, in fact, a company that does work—and always has worked—on exciting technological advancements that impact our lives. LSHD just needed to develop and execute the right message to draw prospective employees’ attention to that fact.”


“Be Curious” has become a powerful statement for UTRC, encouraging prospects to learn what they are missing out on while simultaneously defining the spirit of exploration and inspired thinking the company thrives on. To learn more about the “Be Curious” project, contact LSHD directly.


To learn more about the UTRC rebranding initiative, or other successful campaigns LSHD has developed for our clients, please contact us