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Noteworthy News Article | Strategic Creative is Never a Gamble Strategic Creative is Never a Gamble


Strategic Creative is Never a Gamble


The latest in server technology isn’t the only hot topic for the data center management market these days. The industry is constantly on the lookout for support systems that can keep server rooms at an optimal environment without skyrocketing the PUE. Our client Meztex, Inc. (the Dallas division of Mestek, Inc.) had quickly realized that its Aztec Indirect and Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling Unit was a perfect match to the market’s needs, consuming 70% less energy while efficiently taking server room temperatures down to accepted industry standards. In addition, less than 1% of the sales for this self-contained unit are warranty work, and in an industry where reliable, uninterrupted service is major goal this is a huge advantage over the rest of the HVAC options, which average 6%-8% warranty sales. Even still, Aztec’s newness to this particular market meant it needed to build credibility if the target audience was going to respond. And the recent Data Center World, Spring 2012 Convention in Las Vegas was a great opportunity to make a solid impression.


Having developed Aztec’s positioning strategy—an HVAC solution that lets data centers devote more of its energy (actual and employee) toward running the business and not the mechanical systems that support it—we turned our attention to a messaging strategy for the trade show presence that would resonate with the convention crowd. Focusing on Aztec’s better than 99% reliability, and leveraging a little Vegas nostalgia, we set the unit up as a “sure thing” when it comes to reliable performance. The engaging visual on the booth’s back wall, an old fashioned slot machine with the payline displaying the Aztec logo, sets the idea of a winning choice in HVAC solution, and is paid off with the headline, “With Aztec, the odds are in your favor.” In addition, LSHD developed an engaging overview presentation and data sheet that complemented the booth messaging and provided attendees with more detailed information regarding Aztec’s benefits.


To learn more about the Aztec trade show materials, or other successful initiatives LSHD has developed for our clients, please contact us.