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Noteworthy News Article | It’s the Total Package It’s the Total Package


It’s the Total Package


The industry’s original small-duct system, SpacePak is known for its ability to deliver all the benefits of central air without long, costly renovations, installation of unsightly ductwork, or loss of useable living space. Key to this is SpacePak’s unique, pre-insulated ductwork tubing, which can be quickly and easily installed in walls or under floors. But this wasn’t the only type of flexibility SpacePak wanted contractors to know about. It had recently added the Chiller Series to its product line, and could now offer contractors a complete heating and cooling air distribution system, capable of delivering perfectly conditioned air anywhere within a structure.


To help SpacePak reengage with its primary audience and announce its expanded product and capabilities rage, LSHD developed a small but effective campaign that positioned the system as the (hidden) secret behind comfortable living and working spaces. The campaign consisted of two print ads, two banner ads, and press release, all designed to drive interested parties to a vanity web page and subsequently on to the full SpacePak website. The print ads, banner ads, and vanity website share the same thematic imagery, focusing on the SpacePak system being behind (both literally and figuratively) the comfortable setting shown. The first of the print series shows an inviting space as if the viewer was looking out through a hole cut in sheetrock, while the second peals away the upper corner of a wall to show a blower unit installed. Both visual approaches, along with supporting headline and copy, establish an immediate connection between the system’s features and the resulting benefits, subtly providing contractors the tools to sell SpacePak through to their customer.


To learn more about the SpacePak promotional campaign, or other successful initiatives LSHD has developed for our clients, please contact us.