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Noteworthy News Article | Part of a Significant Moment Part of a Significant Moment


Part of a Significant Moment


As the global leader in adult mesenchymal stem cell therapies, Osiris Therapeutics, LLC, had been working diligently towards a single goal—to safely and successfully bring the world’s first stem cell drug to market. And after 20 years of determination and focus, with more than 98,000 pages of published research completed, they had an announcement to make. Health Canada had approved the company’s product, Prochymal®, for the treatment of GvHD, a disease that can be a death sentence for those who have it. With this approval, Osiris was ready to tell the world that it had succeeded, as well as thank those clinicians, researchers, and (of course) patients who helped make the moment possible.


While the approval might seem small to some, its implications on the future of medicine is profound—this was not only a turning point for the company, but also for medical treatment as a whole, especially other indications where stem cell therapies could mean the difference between illness and recovery. With this understanding in mind, LSHD leveraged the company’s current tagline and helped to develop the announcement campaign strategy of “Introducing a New Era in Medicine, Right Now.” Internally, the announcement launch consisted of a reveal and celebration, complete with commemorative shirts, champagne toast, and catered after-hours event. The internal announcement also included a series of banners; one that was unfurled during the announcement festivities, and a second that employees signed and will be forever on display at the company’s headquarters. To the world at large, a press conference with follow-up press release announcing the Health Canada approval was capped off with the launch of a splash page on the corporate website. Loading immediately as visitors navigate to the website, the splash page prominently displays the announcement messaging, solidifying the significance of the moment, and includes links to the press release and corporate homepage.


To learn more about the Osiris announcement initiative, or other successful campaigns LSHD has developed for our clients, please contact us.