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Event | Mestek, Inc.
Midstate Berkshire Mestek, Inc. EBTEC Corporation Pinnacle Spine Group New Generation Devices NuFern Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. Micron Products
    • Client: Mestek, Inc.
    • Creative: Aztec Trade Show Booth
    • This leader in HVAC technologies had realized it was sitting on a golden opportunity. Its Aztec Evaporative Cooling Unit was the perfect solution for server facilities, as it could help IT professionals achieve the industry’s standards for energy consumption and room temperature. However, its newness to this particular market meant the company needed to build credibility with the target audience, and the Data Center World Convention in Las Vegas was an opportunity to make a solid impression. Focusing on Aztec’s better than 99% reliability, and leveraging a little Vegas nostalgia, our execution resonated with the convention crowd, positioning Aztec as a “sure thing” for reliable performance.