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Brand ID | Blue Slate, LLC
CHEMEX Corporation Pinnacle Spine Group United Technologies Research Center Cireca Theranostics, LLC EBTEC Corporation Heliovaas PelleVerde Capital Mayhew Steel Products Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. AFcell Mestek, Inc. Blue Slate, LLC
    • Client: Blue Slate, LLC
    • Creative: Blue Slate Brand ID
    • Thrilled our past work, a CEO asked LSHD to develop a brand for a new global, medical-technology development and investment business—one that would resonate with three distinct audiences. These audiences are medical device engineers with novel concepts; investors interested in financing the development of these concepts; and large medical manufacturing companies looking to purchase such technologies. “Real Business, Real Time.” lets the market know that this company understands the nature of big ideas—born in real working conditions, under real pressures of the medical field—and has the capacity to find these game-changing innovations and bring them to market.