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Brand ID | Pinnacle Spine Group
CHEMEX Corporation Pinnacle Spine Group United Technologies Research Center Cireca Theranostics, LLC EBTEC Corporation Heliovaas PelleVerde Capital Mayhew Steel Products Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. AFcell Mestek, Inc. Blue Slate, LLC
    • Client: Pinnacle Spine Group
    • Creative: Pinnacle Spine Group Brand ID
    • In a sea of “me too” products, this relatively young spine device company had a legitimate breakthrough in its hands—the world’s first lateral fusion system that allows graft material to be placed in situ, in addition to the traditional prepack method. This advancement enables surgeons to optimize graft contact with patients’ vertebral endplates, which increases the likelihood of solid bone growth. Knowing from our own past experience in the spine market that successful fusion is the name of the game, we positioned the company as a leader in strategic thinking, providing surgeons with a greater range of easily integrated and executable “plays” for improved patient outcomes.