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Brand ID | Cireca Theranostics, LLC
CHEMEX Corporation Pinnacle Spine Group United Technologies Research Center Cireca Theranostics, LLC EBTEC Corporation Heliovaas PelleVerde Capital Mayhew Steel Products Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. AFcell Mestek, Inc. Blue Slate, LLC
    • Client: Cireca Theranostics, LLC
    • Creative: Cireca Theranostics Brand ID
    • Lead by a team of experienced researchers and medical-business professionals, this spectral-based tissue diagnostic technologies company was looking to establish itself as a player in a very competitive market. It had developed a novel technology for quickly analyzing tissue samples for cancer at a biochemical level, providing a greater depth of definitive information than is possible in the lab today. Focused on the timely delivery of factual biological information, our tag line and strategic messaging points are designed to make a strong statement to pathologists and oncologists. “Know More. Now.” conveys the message of more informed decisions to the target audience, giving professionals the data necessary to make more accurate diagnoses, prognoses, and treatments, sooner.