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Brand ID | Heliovaas
CHEMEX Corporation Pinnacle Spine Group United Technologies Research Center Cireca Theranostics, LLC EBTEC Corporation Heliovaas PelleVerde Capital Mayhew Steel Products Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. AFcell Mestek, Inc. Blue Slate, LLC
    • Client: Heliovaas
    • Creative: Heliovaas Brand ID
    • In a market filled with startups looking to make a quick buck, this young renewable energy developer needed to prove to its target audience that it had the capital to securely develop solar solutions that have everyone’s best interest in mind. The company needed the right brand and strategic messaging to get that point across, so LSHD focused on building credibility through the company’s commitment to the long term. “Energy for the Next Generation,” expresses the company’s investment in the future of these projects as well as U.S. energy independence, while the name Heliovaas encapsulates the company’s primary business—solar power plant installations—bringing together the Greek words for sun and vessel.